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Should Men Dye Their Hair or Go Gray?


There's a huge gray area when it comes to the topic of, well, going gray, especially amongst men.

Certain celebrities have owned up to covert coloring — Matt LeBlanc admitted that he dyed his hair the entire time he was on "Friends." Others, like Anderson Cooper, have embraced the sophisticated status derived from a platinum 'do. And then there are the "silver foxes" of the world like George Clooney, gray since his 30s, who are proud of their salt-and-pepper hair (and put the gray in GREAT!).

Just For Men has an entire range of men's hair and beard dye, from a full-color cover-up to a line called "Touch of Gray" that only adds a hint of color "for the man who wants the respect that gray hair commands, but wants to show his vitality." Clearly, there is a debate over whether or not to dye. Gray hair amongst women has been a hot topic, with young celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne opting for preternatural peppery locks, but what about men? Does gray hair make them sexy stunners or seasoned seniors? Vote below and tell us what you think.