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Easy Solutions to Any Wardrobe Malfunction


Don't let a little lint ruin your perfectly tailored suit! Whether you've scuffed a shoe or torn a hem, we've got the tools to fix (or avoid) any wardrobe crises.

Problem: A warm office + a wool sweater = looking like a linty lambSolution: Lint roller. Seems obvious, yes, but having a lint roller at the office is imperative! Get one for only $2.99 at If you've already used your very last roller sheet and desperation ensues, wrap the handle of a hair brush with masking tape and roll it along the linty area. You may need to re-apply the tape once or twice, but you'll escape this mishap lint-free.

Problem: A good joke + a big lunch = a popped buttonSolution: Sewing kit. Duh! If I had a dollar for every time someone at work asked me for a needle and thread, I'd be rich! For a mere $2.89, you can get a travel-size sewing kit at your local drugstore or online at Double-sided tape and safety pins. For shirts, the tape will be sufficient in keeping you modest, but it's not strong enough to keep your pants up. In that case, a safety pin is a stronger solution.

Problem: Getting dressed in a hurry + deodorant that never seems to dry = deodorant stainsSolution: Baby wipes. They're not just for kids, and a simple swipe will get rid of those pesky white stains!Alternative: Never wet a paper towel and apply to the stain. The towel will peel and the water could make the stain worse. Instead, rub the fabric together at the site of the stained area. This will leave you deodorant-free. Of course, for all other stains, a Tide to Go stain remover is a must!

Problem: A sprint to the office = sweaty pits and stinky shoesSolution: Baby powder. To avoid pit stains and smelly shoes, preventative measures must be taken. Before you leave for work, pour a tiny amount of powder in the armpits of your shirt and the toes of your shoes. The powder will absorb the moisture before it hits the fabric.

Problem: A nap on the train = a wrinkled shirtSolution: Hand steamer. A hand steamer is easy, breezy and affordable. A simple trip to the bathroom and ten minutes is all it takes to heat up and steam a shirt. It's great for traveling as well, and most models cost less than $50. It's a wrinkle-free investment.

Problem: A cute guy + a curb = scuffed shoesSolution: Sharpie Permanent Marker. Keep a black and brown marker at the office to touch up scuffs, and you'll never want to hit the shoemaker again!

Problem: An idiot commuter who stepped on your pants = a fallen hemSolution: Stapler. This is a safety precaution, people! A fallen hem can cause you to trip, fall, and worst of all, embarrass yourself! Staple that hem until you have time to properly fix it. Any office stapler will do the trick!

Ladies, I suggest grabbing an old shoe box and filling it with your office mishap must-haves. You can even get together with some of your co-workers to split the bill! Trust me, this wardrobe first-aid kit is sure to fix every style malfunction.