Miami Fashion Week: Haute Designer Nicolas Felizola Closes Show

Clothing designer Nicolas Felizola is the definition of a Renaissance man—a painter, photographer, model, singer and actor. Saturday night, when his collection closes the show at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, all of the elements of his hard work will come together in a red carpet retrospective of his work—the dresses worn by such luminaries as Mexican singer and actress Patricia Manterola, former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and telenovela star and former beauty queen, Yadhira Carrillo.

“I see myself as creating pieces of art. I express myself and bring my aesthetic and energy to people who enjoy my work,” Felizola said. “I bring together all of who I am and it’s an advantage. I understand lighting as a photographer, I understand angles, and I can sketch. I have a complete global vision.”

After receiving his many awards, including Mexico's Universal Excellence Award, Italy's Zanetti Murano, and the Best Design Award in Miami Fashion Week 2008, Felizola most recently finds himself creating the ultimate gown—the wedding gown. In the last few months, Felizola says his wedding gown creations have increased by 85 percent.

“I design the red carpet dress for my clients and so it’s marriage time – they come to me to design their gowns,” he says. “It’s word of mouth as well. I make a one-of-a-kind dress of their dreams.  I make their wishes come true.”

The designer believes that a bride on her wedding night is the sexiest of their lives. It’s one of the reasons he says he uses transparency with vintage laces, giving the gowns a touch of sex appeal, mixed with glamour.

“The dress should feel like a second skin—very comfortable—a tool of seduction,” Felizola said. “The bride should of course feel amazing and have the power to get what they want.”

Felizola, the Venezuelan born haute couture designer, has dressed some of the hottest celebs in LA and Miami, from Paz Vega to Gloria Estefan, and is best known for the Enamorada collection he created in 2009.  His pieces in the that collection are inspired by Maria Felix, the Mexican actress known as one of the great leading ladies during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema (30s-60s). 

“I love the power and taste of Latin women. My mother was my muse and an inspiration of mine. My aunt was the first Lady of Venezuela [His aunt, Irma Felizola, was married to former Venezuelan President Isaías Medina Angarita],” he said. “They were the most elegant women of their time.  I try to bring that glamour today, with a sexy, edgy, and original sense of style.”

Rebekah Sager is a freelance writer based in San Diego, Calif. 


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