Lyme disease, the most common tick-borne illness in the United States, can be a devastating condition, leading to serious health issues like arthritis and neurological disorders. 

Several celebrities have reportedly been diagnosed with the disease; some, like Avril Lavigne, have shared their stories.  

An August 2015 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that Lyme cases in the Northeast alone have spiked by over 320 percent since 1991— a surge that researchers attribute to a rainy spring, as well as the ecology of the region, which favors mice, rodents and deer that commonly carry the disease-borne ticks.

According to the CDC, Lyme is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans via bites from infected blacklegged ticks. In 70 to 80 percent of infected people, a bulls-eye-shaped rash appears at the site of the bite after three to 30 days.

If a person exposed to the bacteria is treated within 48 hours, Lyme can be prevented, but antibiotics are the first line of treatment for affected patients. Diagnosing Lyme can prove challenging because common symptoms are fever, headache and fatigue, all signs that some doctors may chalk up to other, less hazardous viruses.

To raise awareness about the seriousness of Lyme, various celebrities from Hollywood to the radio waves have spoken out about their personal struggles with the bacterial infection.

Here are 10 celebrities who have reportedly been diagnosed with Lyme disease: