Men more forgetful than women, study says

It may seem like men are the more forgetful sex, but a new study suggests they may have that stigma for a reason.  New research has revealed that men may have more memory problems than women, Medical News Today reported.

In a study published in the journal BMC Psychology, researchers in Norway investigated 37,405 men and women aged 30 years and older. Participants were asked questions about their memory, including whether their ability has changed with age or if they had problems with recall.

Approximately half of the participants reported memory problems and 1.2 percent of the group were women while 1.6 percent were men. Researchers said that in all age groups, men reported more memory problems regardless of age.

As for why these differences exist in regards to memory ability, researchers suggest it may be linked to men’s higher prevalence for cardiovascular disease risk, which may trigger forms of neurodegeneration. However, the reasons behind these gender differences are still unclear.

"We have speculated a lot about why men report more frequent problems with remembering than women do, but have not been able to find an explanation. This is still an unsolved mystery," said lead author Jostein Holmen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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