Burger King's new spicy nuggets are a direct attack on Wendy's

Burger King is bringing spicy chicken nuggets to its Whopper-sized menu, and declaring war on Wendy’s in the process.

Burger King announced Tuesday that the hamburger chain would be adding spicy chicken nuggets to its menu for a limited time, and would for one-day would treat anyone named "Wendy" to a free 10-piece.


The menu addition comes after Wendy’s announced earlier this year that it was going to remove spicy chicken nuggets from the menu because of a lack of demand. So, Burger King is rolling out a spicy chicken of its own.

"People were craving this spicy nugget. They wanted spicy nuggets,” Burger King's president Alex Macedo told Business Insider.

“There's a need out there, and we have a LTO," or limited time offering, Macedo continued. "We want to take advantage of this opportunity before anyone else does. So, we're going straight to the point." 

Burger King is confident in their ability to succeed where their competitors failed. So confident, that the burger joint issued a full-page advertisement in the Miami Herald, directed at people named “Wendy.”

“(Yea, if your name is Wendy we’re talking to you)” the ad starts, before cheekily stating, “it sounds like you’ve been missing that spice in your life for long enough.”

The marketing ploy goes on to announce the Spicy Chicken Nugget launch, and then offer "Wendy" a good deal.


“So if your name is Wendy and you live in Miami, the spice is being brought for free. Stop by any participating BURGER KING location after noon on October 13 with a valid ID and enjoyed a 10 pc. Spicy Nuggets your way,” it reads.

The chain has tried a spicy version of chicken before with a hotter version of their cult-favorite Chicken Fries. However, the “Fiery Chicken Fries” fell short on living up to their name.

The free nuggets are available to Wendys in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. If your name isn’t Wendy, you can still try the spicy protein, but you’ll have to cough up the $1.49.