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Bobby Flay wants to face Gordon Ramsay in a pay-per-view cook-off

For years, Bobby Flay has made a habit out of “throwing down” against his fellow chefs, usually on Food Network shows like “Iron Chef,” “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay” or “Beat Bobby Flay.”

However, if Flay had his druthers, his next throwdown would be a live pay-per-view event against Gordon Ramsay.

During an appearance at this year’s Vegas Uncork’d wine and food festival in Las Vegas, Flay said he’d be open facing off against the “Hell’s Kitchen” host in a cook-off, but only if certain conditions were met.


“Only if it's a pay-per-view event,” flay told Foodbeast of the proposed match-up. "I've been hoping it would happen outside of Caesar's Palace, like the old school heavyweight fights, but that's yet to have happened."

When further pressed for the rules of the cook-off, Flay claimed his opponent probably wouldn’t adhere to any.

"I don't know,” said Flay. “Gordon's going to cheat anyway, so it doesn't matter.”

Foodbeast noted that Flay’s comments were all in good fun (“The way Flay talked about Ramsay, it seemed like they're actually friends,” the site wrote), but that doesn’t mean Ramsay wouldn’t seriously consider Flay’s offer. In fact, at last year’s Uncork’d festival, Ramsay expressed interest in a similar cook-off.

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“We’re gonna do the most amazing live cook-off against a chef I’ve grown up and admired for many years,” Ramsay told a crowd at Uncork’d in 2016. “He keeps on refusing to go against me. You may not have heard of him, but his name is Bobby Flay.”


As of Monday morning, Ramsay has yet to officially respond to Flay’s remarks.

Flay had also once challenged Ramsay to a charity cook-off in 2013 after Ramsay told Men’s Journal he’s “forgotten more than [Flay’s] known,” but the cook-off never came to fruition. Flay later explained to Eater.com that Ramsay “wasn’t interested.”