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Jonathan Cheban dishes on what the Kardashians really eat

Reality TV personality Jonathan Cheban dishes on how Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie maintain their figures, his favorite hot spots to eat, and his new line of gourmet food


You might recognize Jonathan Cheban as the wise-cracking best friend of Kim Kardashian on E!'s long-running "Keeping up with the Kardashians." But the public relations mogul-turned TV star says he's hoping to gain a new title: Food God.

Cheban was serious enough about the moniker to get a brand new tattoo on his arm celebrating his love of all things edible this summer.


Whether you love the Kardashians or love to hate them, Cheban is counting on the attention to help launch his newest food business--Prepped Delivery, a pre-prepared meal delivery service for those with gourmet tastes.

"People who cant eat every night like I do can get amazing food delivered to their house," Cheban told FoxNews.com of his new venture. The vacuum sealed, microwave-ready meals are now available in New York, with plans to expand to other major U.S. hubs.

But beyond his day-to-day business ventures, Cheban wants to be known as a discerning voice in food - something he is constantly promoting to his 1.8 million Instagram followers.

So where does he love to go? "I like to keep it high and low," he says, noting that he loves buffalo wings at Candlelight Inn in Westchester and the burger at JG Mellon in Manhattan-- but when it comes to high, he goes big. Cheban is also a fan of celebrity hot spot Nobu.


As for his famous friends?

Cheban claims he sometimes gets pretty sick and tired of eating with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. "The girls love salads and I'm not a salad person," he exclaims when discussing Kardashian sisters' favorite meals. When the crew goes out to eat, Cheban says he usually pushes for Japanese so he doesn't get forced to eat another dreaded salad. "'I'm always trying to push for sushi."

Look out 2017-- instead of keeping up with those famous Kardashians, we may just be "Eating with Cheban."