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McDonald’s facing social media nightmare as video featuring sex act with McChicken goes viral

The famous fried chicken sandwich will never be the same.

The famous fried chicken sandwich will never be the same.

A lot of people love McDonald’s—but that doesn’t mean they want to make love to the food.

Now, a very graphic video of a man engaging in a sexual act with a McChicken sandwich is going viral. It catapulted #McChicken to the top of trending topics on Facebook and Twitter late Sunday and Monday-- but for all the wrong reasons.

As the video itself exploded, thousands of social media users began sharing reaction videos to the shocking footage.

Even celebrities like Seth Rogen and Chrissy Teigen got in on the #McChicken action.

As big brands wade into the murky waters of modern social media, mistakes have been made. Campaigns can go viral— with mixed consequences. 

Last year, Bud Light faced major consumer backlash over its #UpForWhatever campaign during a St. Patrick’s Day promotion. The brand’s account posted: “On #StPatricksDay you can pinch people who don’t wear green. You can also pinch people who aren’t #UpForWhatever.” Many across Twitter blasted the beer giant for implying that pinching or touching people without consent—namely women—was something to joke about. 

Sometimes , even a seemingly innocuous product release can spark an instant viral nerve. In November 2015, Starbucks released its annual holiday cup—which, instead of featuring reindeers, snowmen or any wintry symbols—was a bold, plain red ombre design that had some calling the chain “anti-Christian.” But the people reacting to the “outraged” consumers were just as vehement in their responses online. 

Either way, the viral nature of the debate made Starbucks an even bigger sensation through the holiday season.

But a viral video of a man pleasuring himself with a chicken sandwich might be a different beast entirely. Only time will tell if this viral controversy boosts sales—or, like Chrissy Teigen, turns people off of fried chicken sandwiches forever.

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