Which fruits contain the most sugar?

Out of all the fruits in existence, which ones do you think contain the most sugar? Strawberries? Guava? Watermelon? 

Believe it or not, those fruits actually contain the least amount of sugar, according to Calorie Count, along with papaya, grapefruit, and cantaloupe. But some fruits contain a lot more sugar than others; strawberries, on average, contain 4.1 grams of sugar per three-ounce serving, and the sweetest fruit contains a whopping 13.8 grams. 

Read on to learn which fruits contain the most calories.

1. Figs

Fresh figs halved on wood close up shoot


Bite into a fresh fig and you’ll agree that there are few things that match its great sweetness. It also happens to be tied with grapes for the sweetest fruit award; its 62 calories contain more than grapes as well.

2. Grapes


Ties for first place in the sugar department, grapes contain 13.8 grams of sugar per three-ounce serving, with 57 calories.

3. Mangos

Organic Colorful Ripe Mangos on a Background


That juicy mango contains 12.7 grams of sugar in a three-ounce serving, with 60 calories.

4. Pomegranates


Three ounces of pomegranate contains 11.6 grams of sugar, with 70 calories, also making it quite calorie-sense.

What are some of the most sugary fruits? Find out more.

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