No need to dunk with new Girl Scout cookie milk

Girl Scout cookie milk is in stores now.

Girl Scout cookie milk is in stores now.  (Nestle Nesquik)

Now, you can dunk your Girl Scout cookies into Girl Scout cookie-flavored milk.

The unmistakably addictive flavor of two of the most popular cookies of all time have made their way into Nesquik milk. Girl Scout’s Thin Mints and Samoas are lending their signature sweetness to the On-the-Go beverage, available at select stores now.

We’ve seen Girl Scout ice cream, candy bars and coffee creamer but this may be the first calcium fortified cookie-flavored product out there. But at 300 calories per each 16-ounce bottle of the Caramel Coconut (Samoa), it’s about twice the calories for a similar serving of skim milk.

According to Nesquik's homepage, these drinkable treats are only around for a limited time.