Lemon and Chia Seed Pull-Apart Bread



Trey has been bugging me to make something with chia seeds. He will suggest recipe ideas every now and again.

Some are really specific (and urgent/brought up often) while others are as simply stated as something like, "Hey you should make something with chia seeds." To which I was like, "You mean like chia pets? That's more of a DIY idea, don't you think?"

But no, he was actually talking about eating chia seeds. Turns out, they're super healthy for you.

So I bought some. And then two months went by without me thinking of them again. And then I started dreaming about pull-apart bread. I just love all the layers!

I had plans to make something with poppy seeds and lemon. And as I was looking around my cabinets for poppy seeds, I saw my forgotten bag of chia seeds slouched over in the corner— and that, my friends, is how this bread came to be. A planted idea, a forgotten bag, a dream of bread … it's all very "Inception"-like, no?

No, nothing like "Inception"? Like, at all? OK, cool. Let's just make bread.