Dr. Phil McGraw's sister-in-law dies nearly 20 years after surviving random acid attack

Dr. Phil McGraw’s sister-in-law, Cindi Broaddus, has reportedly died at age 68. The news comes nearly two decades after she survived a random acid attack that left her scarred.

According to People, Broaddus died Monday, Feb. 19. Her sister, and the celebrity doctor’s wife, Robin posted a note to Instagram in honor of her late sister along with a photo collage of them together.

“I will celebrate her and her strength and her unwavering support for me the rest of my life. I miss her dearly,” the caption reads. According to her obituary in the Duncan Banner, a memorial service for her was held on Feb. 23, her birthday.

Broaddus was the victim of a random act of violence when someone threw a jar of sulfuric acid off an overpass. She was a Cable One employee for 27 years, but the incident inspired her to write the book “A Random Act,” which allowed her to spread her message of courage in the face of tragedy all over the country. She was even featured on her brother-in-law’s show.

The acid came through the windshield and covered 70 percent of her body while she was dozing off in the passenger seat of a car heading to the airport. She recounted to Dr. Phil that it was her love for her three daughters that got her through.

“I knew I was dying, and I had a very calm peace about me because I had a message that came to me that I had to get through,” she said, explaining that she begged the driver to deliver a message to the girls. “You have got to tell my children how much I love them and that I’m not ready to leave them.”

 Despite how awful the experience was for her, she told KSWO in an interview that she’d never grow tired of recounting it as long as it continued to help people.

"I've had countless people tell me that if they hadn't heard me speak they wouldn't have never done this or done that,” Broaddus said. “It's just, I just love it. I love telling the story and just seeing if I can help one person."

Reps for Dr. Phil did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.