Selma Blair: James Toback 'threatened to murder me'

Selma Blair has shared new details about disgraced writer and director James Toback. She claims he threatened to kill her after sexually assaulting her.

On Monday morning, Blair sat down with the ladies of “The Talk" to discuss Toback.

“I had literally been afraid for 17 years of James Toback,” Blair said.

She stated the director “threatened to murder me and put cement shoes on [me] and gouge my eyes out with a Bic pen if I ever told anybody.” 

Back in October, the “Cruel Intentions” actress told the Los Angeles Times and Vanity Fair that Toback had sexually assaulted her in 1999. The director allegedly invited Blair to his hotel room for what was supposed to be a meeting about an upcoming film role for the actress.

“Against my better judgment, I went upstairs,” Blair said.

Once in the room, she said Toback asked her to practice a monologue naked so that he could “train” her. It was then when the director allegedly tried to engage in sexual intercourse with the young actress. She said he rubbed his penis against her and asked, “Would you f--- me?”

After refusing, Blair said Toback threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about what had happened. The actress, who was truly scared for her life, only told her boyfriend at the time but told him to tell no one.

Nearly 20 years later, Blair was inspired to come out after women began speaking out against Harvey Weinstein.

“When I came out, there [were a couple of accusers] who spoke about Weinstein, and it hadn’t become this big thing yet, but this was weighing on me,” she said.

Blair was hesitant about coming forward but decided to do so after seeing Toback’s name, along with Weinstein’s, trending on social media.

“I wouldn’t go on the record, I was still afraid,” she explained. “I said if I could be a bigger voice, then I will.'”

Toback has now been accused of sexual harassment by more than 300 women. He is currently under investigation by the LAPD and the Los Angeles district attorney, Blair believes that the director should be convicted and placed behind bars.

“I do, I do think James Toback belongs in jail,” Blair said. “I would hope that he would be found guilty.”

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