Keith Olbermann definitely not in Matt Lauer's corner

At least one fact was evident Wednesday after NBC fired “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer: His former NBC colleague Keith Olbermann is not a fan.

In a series of tweets following the shocking announcement that Lauer had been let go after more than two decades with the peacock network because of accusations of sexual misconduct, Olbermann made clear that he had no sympathy for Lauer --- nor for Lauer’s bosses.

“Matt Lauer was remorsely [sic] vindictive and tyrannical to everyone at NBC News,” Olbermann tweeted in one instance, “and management repeatedly enabled him and buried the issue.”

In several other tweets and retweets with commentary, Olbermann also made clear that he didn’t believe NBC brass assertions that they knew nothing about Lauer’s alleged behavior prior to complaints this week from several female employees.

“But they only found out about him Monday night,” Olbermann commented, referring to NBC execs, in retweeting a link to a New York Times article describing an alleged sexual assault inside Lauer’s NBC office.

“They only found out Monday night,” he echoed, reacting to a Variety article that alleges Lauer exposed himself to one female co-worker and gave a sex toy to another.

“They only found out last night,” Olbermann attached to a retweet of a Daily Beast article reporting that Lauer’s former “Today” co-anchor, Katie Couric, regarded Lauer’s pinching her “on the ass a lot” as his most annoying habit.

Of course, Olbermann is no stranger to controversy himself – as his long list of former employers may suggest. The list includes Fox Sports, ESPN, MSNBC and the Current network.

Many regard his prickly personality to be the root of both his popularity and his inevitable worn-out welcomes.

Most recently, Olbermann ended a stint running an online feature for GQ magazine, called “The Resistance,” in which he shared his political rants.