'Jeopardy': Naval officer wins with just $1

A Naval officer managed to win "Jeopardy" on Tuesday night with just $1.

Manny Abell was in last place with just $1,000 total, up against his competitors who were tied at $12,300.

Abell was able to keep his two-day winning streak by adopting an unusual strategy. When the final question came and no one knew the answer, Abell gave up $999 leaving him with just $1 — but his competitors zeroed out.


The question was: “It’s the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf” (Correct answer: Iran).

Abell was able to take home his third victory of the week by winning the smallest amount possible on the competition show. The Naval officer added his $1 to his winnings of $42,799.

The last person to win "Jeopardy" with only $1 was Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Scott in 1993.