'The View' host Meghan McCain tears up on first day when talking about father's diagnosis

Meghan McCain kicked off her new gig as a co-host of ABC’s “The View” with a pretty emotional first speech. The star got a little choked up when the conversation turned to her father, Sen. John McCain, and his recent cancer diagnosis.

As previously reported, McCain, who formerly worked as a contributor for Fox News, is stepping in for Jedediah Bila. She is expected to lead the charge for conservatives on the panel now that Bila has stepped down amid controversial rumors regarding the show’s infamous post-election interview with Hillary Clinton.

McCain took the stage to begin thanking her co-hosts for allowing her to join their panel and bring a different viewpoint to the show, but got emotional quicker than she expected when the conversation turned to her father, who recently revealed he is battling brain cancer.

The 32-year-old host hadn’t previously discussed her father’s diagnosis of glioblastoma and had to hold the hand of her new co-host, Sunny Hostin, while discussing her new life’s endeavor.

“I spent the last 3 months, while he was getting radiation and chemotherapy - I can’t believe I’m freaking crying already…” she began. “When you hear ‘cancer’ a nuclear explosion goes off in your life, no matter who you are. And I didn’t realize, because you can’t realize until you experience it, how intense and disruptive and scary and hopeless and chaotic you feel all day long.”

The star then thanked “The View” for giving her a platform to discuss this topic, and vowed to make spreading awareness of brain cancer, and other rare forms of the disease. Her father, on his part, was diligently watching the show and tweeted a showing of support for his daughter over the clip in question, which you can watch below.