Fergie on Josh Duhamel split: 'It was getting a little weird'

Fergie is no longer worried about keeping her split from Josh Duhamel a secret.

Recently, the 42-year-old singer and 44-year-old actor announced their separation after eight years of marriage.

“Honestly, it was just getting a little weird for us with all the romantic questions,” she told People Magazine Tuesday. “We’re great friends, we love each other so much, and it just got to a point where it was getting a little weird. There’s no perfect time so we just decided to do it.”

Fergie added it was getting strange for Duhamel to discuss their relationship publicly.

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“I don’t know, you can ask him, but it was getting a little weird to laugh through the first date questions,” she explained.

However, one thing they don’t find awkward is co-parenting. The former couple share a 4-year-old son.

“It’s so great,” she said. “We just wanted to get adjusted in private. [And Axl’s school has helped as] we have a co-op so Josh and I would walk there several times before the school season. So I get to learn from the teachers and see how he reacts in a group of friends that he knows.

"And I get to help out and serve them snacks and clean the dishes. We have fun, we get down and dirty and read the stories with our costumes. You get down in the sand and get dirty — I love it. I love that part of it all.”

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Duhamel told Fox News in June his relationship with Fergie “has really evolved over the years.”

“We really, really like each other and like spending time around each other,” he said at the time. “We’ve been through so much together that it’s just a whole different level from what it was before. I think at the end of the day we just like each other. We obviously love each other, but I think it’s very important that we really like each other too.”