WWE's Chris Jericho details 'creepy' run-in with Yoko Ono

Chris Jericho was inspired to write his latest book "No is a Four Letter Word" by KISS guitarist Paul Stanley. The WWE legend shares his secret to success and crazy stories from his life including the time he stalked Yoko Ono in a bathroom.

Fox News: What inspired you to write this book?
Chris Jericho: This whole book...[on] how to achieve your dreams was started by this one little quote by my hero who is now a good friend of mine. [He's] the guy who wrote the forward to my book, which my 14-year-old Kiss fan inside of me is freaking out seeing my name on the cover along with his.

Fox News: How would you describe this book?
Jericho: If I described this book with one word it would be positivity. If you want to do something then do it. Don’t look at the reasons why it can’t happen, look at the reasons why it can happen and then make it happen.

Fox News: What can people take away from “No is a Four Letter Word?”
Jericho: So I went through and came up with 20 principles, lessons on things that I learned from people, some of them real life, some of them fictional characters on how I was able to use them to make all of these dreams a reality. From Gene Simmons to Vince McMahon to Steve Austin to Yoda, you know Mike Damone from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High." A lot of different little thoughts and nuggets and bubbles and put them together so it’s become some kind of manual on how you can achieve these things you always wanted to achieve in your life.

Fox News: One is one of the crazy stories people can enjoy from the book?
Jericho: One of the most ridiculous stories is me going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, which I go to every year. I was basically stalking Paul McCartney following him telling him that I’ll protect him from the ninjas. I’m like, "Why did I say that?" But then he gives me a high five and I’m excited and I go into the bathroom and Yoko Ono was coming in the bathroom so everyone has to clear out. Everyone clears out except for me. I go hide in a stall and just wait for her to come in. Why? I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I remember thinking this is going to make such a great story for my next book. I might get dragged out of here and get the s--t kicked out of me by these giant security guards that are following her around, but no I go sit on the toilet crouched on it like you’re a teenager hiding from Jason in a “Friday the 13th” movie. And in she comes, she goes pee, she comes out, I’m like here I go. I go up and wash my hands with Yoko Ono together talking. But to wrap that around this principal around Jericho being a complete creep, and it was a creepy thing to do. Guilty as charged. But I made for a great story, it was a fun night. That’s what kind of the books all about just be positive and have fun.

Fox News: How do you remain on top after all these years?
Jericho: It’s all about connecting with the fans. If you can make people excited to see you and know that no matter what you’re doing their going to enjoy it 99 percent of the time that’s my whole career. When people see Chris Jericho’s name on a book, on a record, on a CD coming out, to the ring, a podcast, they know that I’m giving it 1000 percent and chances are you’re going to like it.