'I Am Jazz' star's parents consider allowing Jazz to sit down with Tomi Lahren

Greg and Jeanette Jennings, of TLC's "I Am Jazz," are having a difficult time deciding if their transgender daughter, Jazz, should participate in a sit-down conversation with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.

In a Fox News exclusive sneak peek of the hit TLC show, Jazz's parents discuss the pros and cons of allowing their 16-year-old to debate Lahren in a discussion about transgender rights.

"Jazz is just a kid that's just trying to live and just trying to share her story," Greg says in the clip. "[Tomi Lahren] doesn't sound like somebody that we should get involved with."

Greg and Jeanette watch a clip of Lahren discussing transgender rights in March from her former show on "The Blaze."

"Here's the deal," Lahren said. "It's not really the drag queens they're worried about in North Carolina, it's the creeps that will use it to self identify as whatever gender will get them closer to their victims."

Lahren continued, "Call me old fashioned, but I still believe the thing in your pants isn't really up for negotiation."

Jeanette looked shocked while listening to Lahren's show.

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"I'm honestly horrified," she said. "She's bad, she's out for blood."

But Jeanette said she's interested to see what Lahren would say to Jazz's face if Jazz decides to meet Lahren.

"She's like bullies that you know, they make fun of people behind their backs, but let's see what she would be like if you had to face that person that you're making fun of."

Watch what else happens in the clip above.

Catch the full episode of "I Am Jazz" on TLC Wednesday night.