'Blade Runner 2049' trailer drops: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford describe working on the remake

Fans are one step closer to the sequel to “Blade Runner”—“Blade Runner 2049” starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

Warner Bros. unveiled the full length trailer Monday and hosted a Q&A with Ford, Gosling and director Denis Villeneuve, which was streamed on Facebook Live. 

Gosling described his feelings about being part of the influential franchise. The sequel takes place 30 years after the original movie and Gosling plays LA Police Officer K.

“Because I was young, I think it was one of the first films I had seen that it wasn’t clear how I was supposed to feel when it was over,” Gosling recalled of the original film. “It made me question what it meant to be a human being; it made me question my ability to recognize the hero and the villain; it was this nightmarish vision of the future but sort of presented in this romantic dream like way.”

Ford talked about revisiting his character, Deckard, for a second time as Gosling's character treks out to find him after he's been missing for 30 years.

“I think the character is woven into the story in a way that intrigued me,” Ford said. “There is a strong emotional context between my character Deckard that I play and other characters… It was a really gratifying experience, I had a good time.”

Gosling said he had to keep his cool while filming.

“To be a part of that anyway was surreal, but then to get to set and realize the sets were fully functioning worlds that you could inhabit… The props worked… You were just completely immersed in this universe that you grew up watching and imagining so it was very impressive, overwhelming,” he said. “I think the trick for me was to not be impressed by it on camera.”

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