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Tori Spelling and hubby reportedly owe nearly $200G

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Even Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott can’t hide when the bank comes after them.

According to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by E! News, City National Bank is suing the celebrity couple for allegedly failing to fulfill payments on a debt going back four years. 

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott reportedly owe more than $250K in taxes

The couple is no stranger to the courts or reneging on past debts.

In January the 43-year-old actress was sued by American Express for an unpaid $38,000 bill and ordered to pay her entire past due balance plus $855 in court fees. She was then hit by another lawsuit from the credit card company on Oct. 31.

In July, according to TMZ, the couple were hit with a tax lien for $259,108.23 after not paying state taxes in California. 

E! reports court documents indicate that the couple borrowed $400,000 from the bank in December 2012 with a promissory note. The terms of the promissory note reportedly outline the couple would repay via monthly payments plus interest. 

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As of Dec. 2, the couple apparently has failed to repay their debt, and reportedly owe $185,714, plus an additional $2,407 in interest and $681 in late charges – all totaling $188,803.