Neither Jennifer Aniston nor Jason Bateman have ever been to an office Christmas party

Face2Face: Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman discuss their latest collaboration together in the comedy 'Office Christmas Party'


Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have reunited for a fifth time on “Office Christmas Party.” And while the long-time friends didn't have their own office party experienes to draw from for their latest flick, they said they did gain a lot from their long friendship

FOX411: This is your fifth time working together - do you just gravitate to the same kinds of comedies?

Aniston: Well obviously I think we do, and there’s also something, I mean, we’ve been doing this awhile and there’s something really nice to be able to come to work and just feel like this is cozy, this is familiar, this is fun, this is safe. And you just know it’s always going to go right out of the park.

Bateman: You do spend a lot of time kind of trying to figure out the other people that you’re working with when you do films, especially comedies, because you try to understand their rhythm or their mood or how far you can kind of push them as far as being off color or whatever. And since we know each other so well, and there’s sort of like that kind of brother sister chemistry, you can kind of skip a bunch of steps.

Aniston: Yeah, shortcut.

FOX411: What are your experiences with office Christmas parties?

Aniston: This was my first office Christmas party that I was ever at. We don’t work in offices.

Bateman: Yeah we both started working so young (to Aniston) did you ever have an office job?

Aniston: I did I worked but I was probably too young to be invited to the party. I was a teenager it was after school it was (an) advertising agency.

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Bateman: What’d you do there?

Aniston: I was a receptionist.

Jason: As a teenager?

Aniston: I was 16… Well my mom worked there too.

Jason: Did you answer the phone like ‘hey-oh’ is that what teenagers sound like?

Aniston: Not then I don’t think in the 80s… "Hi, MCA Advertising can I help you?  That is what I said. Then I worked in the broadcasting department because… they wanted to move me out of the receptionist position…

Bateman: You didn’t answer the phone very well?

Aniston: I guess I would… or I don’t know something, I would connect people, I couldn’t connect… and then I worked in the broadcasting department for this lovely woman named Rhonda and then that kind of somehow they were like – you know what? We’re going to give you, would you like to take some cylinders and do a little bike messengering…

Bateman: Oh, they tried to get you out of the office…

FOX411: You were a bike messenger?

Aniston: I was that for a day.

FOX411: How are you as party hosts, what roles do you assign yourself?

Aniston: I’m décor. I’m… how would you describe it? It’s my favorite thing to do.

Bateman: We’ve established earlier in the day she does a really mean cheese board and she’s great with who you invite because she’s got nothing but good people in her life.

Aniston: It’s like an alchemist of people.

Bateman: The food is always incredible, the décor is always incredible, you know what? The vibe is always incredible.



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