Kylie Jenner warns against 'really dangerous' cosmetics knock offs

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Kylie Jenner took her to social media accounts to warn her fans about imitations of her famed Lip Kits that users have claimed are made with glue and gasoline and “smell like paint.”

Her messages, via Snapchat, came after users spread the word that they were buying cheaper, fake cosmetics online.

"The ingredients that they're using in these fake products are really, really dangerous, which is my biggest concern," she said in videos posted to Snapchat. "It's fake and dangerous, and it's the same price, so I don't even see the point."

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Jenner also took to her Twitter account to respond to fans who claimed they’d encountered dangerous Lip Kit knockoffs.

One fan wrote, “@KylieJenner fake Koko k I got... Literally has glue in it! So gross!! So not cute.....” The reality star wrote back “Omg I can't even look.”

The cosmetics mogul told her fans to only purchase her products via her official website to avoid running into scams.

"[A website] looks exactly like mine, but it's not," she said in a Snapchat. "I want to be really, really clear that the only place to get my products is, and anywhere else is fake. Make sure you guys check the URL."

Jenner’s cosmetics company has had some trouble in the past. In July, it was given an F rating by the Better Business Bureau due to customer complaints. Her company’s rating was later changed to a B after further review.