Kim Kardashian's sex tape gets virtual reality treatment

Where did the magazine get the pics?


A porn studio has made a virtual reality version of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape which lets viewers join in with the action.

Vivid Entertainment has unveiled a new “experience” which brings the famous sex flick to life using the latest immersive technology.

In the video, the viewer finds themselves sitting on a bed watching the Kardashian sex tape.

After watching the real Kim in action, a lookalike steps into shot and begins to, erm, perform for the helmet-wearing viewer.

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“Hi there, I like your room,” she says.

“I know you bought the video because you wanna see me. Why don’t we just play here?”

It’s unknown whether Kim approved of the release, but The Sun has reached out to Kim’s publicist for comment.

The site is currently charging $119.97 a year for membership to the site.

VR porn has been the talk of the adult industry for a while now, however it wasn’t until this year that it really took off.

After having a big push at E3, the world’s biggest electronic expo, VR porn has now officially hit the mainstream.

This story first appeared in The Sun.