People Magazine writer blast celebs, staff in scathing resignation letter

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Longtime People writer Sara Hammel quit this week with a blistering resignation letter to editorial director Jess Cagle and other top editors.

“It’s not me, it’s you,” she wrote in the e-mail blast on Monday.

She also took aim at the biggest names in Hollywood and what she called “their bats--t crazy publicists.”

She referred to an anonymous A-lister living in New York and Paris who she claims sexually harassed her.

She also wrote that George Clooney is awkward with children and that JLo spat at her and she was embarrassed to make Mariska Hargitay “ugly-cry” during a charity fundraiser.

Hammel has a memoir out on Kindle called “Red Carpet Regret: Confessions of a Cynical Celebrity Journalist.”

“It’s been a wildly dysfunctional 14 years, and you’re an entirely different magazine than when we first got together,” Hammel wrote.

“I swear half the current staff doesn’t know my name, despite my contribution to something like fifteen hundred stories in your celebrity annals, so here’s a refresher: I worked inside your London, Los Angeles and New York bureaus, covered breaking news in nine countries, and dealt with too many celebrities to remember.

“This is just what the entitled stars and their bats--t crazy publicists put me and many other talented, hard-working reporters through. You people, as it turns out, are worse.”

“We don’t comment on personnel matters,” said a spokeswoman for People.

Click here to read her entire letter in The New York Post.