'Veep' star Tony Hale: Real presidential race crazier than his political satire

In the Zone: Tony Hale says 2016 election is so crazy, even 'Veep' writers couldn't make it up


Tony Hale stars in the political satire "Veep," but he says this year's presidential race has as much if not more comedy than the multiple-Emmy winning HBO hit.

“There’s a lot of political comedies right now. There’s my show,  there’s the news that we can watch, there’s a lot happening," Hale told us in the FOX411 studio. "The crazy thing that’s happening now if our show wrote it, people wouldn’t believe it. There’s some extremes right now that are so crazy.”

It turns out the 45-year-old star’s mother was in politics, and his father served in the military. But he's glad he stuck to acting.

“I don’t think I would get into politics because the thing about like for instance our show – it’s a satire and you kind of see behind-the-scenes what’s going on," Hale said. "It’s such an environment just a pressure cooker of anxiety, massive decisions and I like making fun of it, and I like, you know, kind of playing into the comedy of it. I don’t know if I could be a part of it.”

Hale met his wife, Martel Thompson, at a bible study group and credits his faith for giving him strength in the entertainment industry.

“My faith has always been very important to me and there’s so much uncertainty in my business to know that God has my back," Hale said. "That’s everything to me."

And what he loves most about ‘Veep’ is how it portrays politicians as regular people.

“I think these people are human beings and you know put them on such pedestals like ‘oh my gosh, they’re perfect,’" he said. "But behind-the-scenes you know they freak out, you know they get insecure, you know they’re trying to position themselves."


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