Salma Hayek helps launch ‘Latinos for Hillary’ campaign

Salma Hayek (left) and Hillary Clinton. (Photos: Getty Images)

Salma Hayek (left) and Hillary Clinton. (Photos: Getty Images)

Salma Hayek is joining the ranks of actresses like Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson who have gone from Hollywood stars to political activists.

The Mexican-born actress announced Tuesday that she was joining Clinton’s newly-launched campaign “Latinos for Hillary.”

“We cannot let hate and discrimination determine the outcome of this election," Hayek wrote in a campaign email for Clinton. "We owe it to the hard-working Latinos that came before us, to ourselves and to our children, to show the people who unfairly label us as criminals and speak down to us that our community is strong, meaningful and incredibly powerful.”

The 49-year-old actress called Latinos the “largest, youngest and fastest-growing” community in the U.S. and said that it deserves a candidate “who respects the contributions we have made.” For her, that’s Clinton.

The Clinton campaign announced last week that it launched “Latinos for Hillary” with a series of events during Hispanic Heritage Month.

As part of the campaign, the two-time presidential candidate is expected to beef up interviews with Latino media outlets as well as other celebrities like Hayek voicing their support for her.

America Ferrera, who has not officially joined the “Latinos for Hillary” campaign, voiced her support for Clinton when the former First Lady announced her intention to run for office in April.

“I believed in her then, I believe in her now,” Ferrera tweeted at the time with a photo of her campaigning for Clinton in 2008.

Singer Marc Anthony also joined the Clinton campaign recently and even invited the former Secretary of State on stage during one of his concerts in Miami this week.

“This election is important for the future of the Latino community, our vote could make the difference,” Anthony tweeted with a video of the two on stage. “I hope you'll join me in being part of Latinos for Hillary. If you're with us text LATINOS to 47246.”

Actor Wilmer Valderrama has not officially signed up for the campaign, but did tweet a photo with Clinton recently, seemingly urging fans to support her campaign.

“Have you guys met my new friend #HillaryClinton?.. She's running for president,” he wrote. “Inspired by our conversation.”

Clinton has also launched "Women for Hillary," vowing to tackle women's issues during this campaign.

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