The creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” admits he still can’t find the inspiration for his next TV sitcom.

Phil Rosenthal has chosen instead to focus his efforts on finding the world’s most delicious — and exotic — food.

He travels the globe, sampling cuisines from six different countries on the new PBS series “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.”

“I still write all the time,” Rosenthal told Fox411.  “But not everything is welcome. I need to find the idea or the person that inspires me to do [comedy] again.”

Rosenthal did a sitcom pilot last year for ABC loosely based on the life of “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler, but it never made it to air. Rosenthal said comedies are much raunchier than they once were, with sex jokes at every turn.

“You would think that they would trust a guy that did it before, but the world is different now,” he said. “Things have changed since ‘Raymond.’ I doubt that ‘Raymond’ would get on the air today. It is a different world and that’s fine. Everything evolves. Everything changes. I have changed too.”

Rosenthal likened his PBS program to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — but with a lot more food.

“You know how ‘Curb’ is an extension of Larry David’s personality? The personality that we got to know, knowing we were getting to know Larry David as the writer of ‘Seinfeld?’ This is my version of that,” he said. “You are seeing me now. I am the same voice as what was in ‘Raymond’. But now — either fortunately or unfortunately — you are seeing my face!”

“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” includes cameos from Rosenthal’s celebrity friends including Martin Short, Paul Reiser and, of course, Ray Romano, who joins him for a quick bite at the Los Angeles Farmers Market.

In his travels, Rosenthal makes stops in Tokyo, Florence, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and L.A.

“I have discovered the best places to eat in each of these places I am going,” he boasted. “Even if you hate me and you hate my voice and you hate my face, at the very least, you are going to have a list of the very best food in town.”

“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” premieres Monday, September 28 on PBS.