Former “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt was rushed to the hospital after suffering a spider bite at her home in London earlier this week.

Pratt, 29, tweeted that she spent four hours at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, quipping “wtf.”

Her rep tells The New York Post that Pratt got bitten while she was asleep and is now resting at home.

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After her hospital stay, she shared that she was relaxing in bed, ordering in food, watching “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “looking at my pretty get well flowers.”

According to TMZ, the bite was underneath her eye, and “her face was so swollen it looked like she had a tumor.” 

She temporarily lost feeling in her face and couldn’t see out of her left eye. On Friday afternoon she updated fans by writing, “Feeling a lot better thanks to you guys,” along with a heart emoji.

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