Montgomery Gentry: We should do more for the military

Catching up with Montgomery Gentry


Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of the Kentucky-born country band, Montgomery Gentry, have a passion for the U.S. Military and their sacrifice for our country.

“You know, to me, we just can’t thank them enough," Montgomery told FOX411 Country. "We do not do enough for them. To me, if you go and fight for this country and keep this country safe, I think they and their family are to have a free ride for the rest of their lives. They should to get college, and whatever they need. When you go and play some of the places and see some of the things that have happened to our heroes, then you know-- it really blows your mind, shared Montgomery.”

On July 30, in Oak Grove, KY, Montgomery Gentry was the first of several artists to participate in the Super 8 Military Appreciation Tour. This is a nationwide tour that brings musical acts to different cities across the U.S. to perform for military service members and their families. This is a great way for artists to show their appreciation for service members, as well as a chance for the attendees to relax and enjoy great music.

“They go through some horrible stuff to make sure we are safe so that we don’t have to deal with it. We just don’t do enough, we need to do more,” added Montgomery.

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