'Duck Dynasty' recap: The Robertsons get competitive

On Wednesday night’s episode of "Duck Dynasty," titled "Pit Perfect," Willie, his wife Korie, and their soon-to-be daughter in law, Mary Kate McEacharn, were spectators as son John Luke played a game of tennis.

Afterwards, Willie decides that it would be a good idea for them to play a game of doubles, so that Willie could teach the younger couple the ropes of tennis, and-- as a bonus-- give them unwanted marriage advice.

Early on in the match, Willie shows that his confidence in his athletic skills match his desire to win. Korie, on the other hand, hopes for Willie to relax and enjoy the game.

“I’m really happy that John Luke and Mary Kate decided to play couples tennis with us, but I am a little bit concerned that Willie could be taking the competition a little too seriously,” she confesses.

Willie and Korie are victorious over the engaged couple, but not without sore muscles to show for their win. “You’ve got to struggle through the pain…It’s just like marriage,” Willie shares.

That piece of advice was only one of Willie’s wise marriage tidbits that he gave during the match.

Back at Duck Commander headquarters, the team of relaxed employees, including Willie’s brothers Jase and Jep, and his Uncle Si, were distracted from their work as usual. This time, for good reason. They had an upcoming car race on their minds.

“With the Annual Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race coming up, some of us are having trouble focusing in the duck call shop,” Jase explains.

Jase was most likely referring to Uncle Si, who has his heart set on being chosen as the grand marshal for the event. “I’ve got showmanship, and swag,” laughed Uncle Si.

Since they were distracted anyway, the team decides to hit the road to visit a racetrack in order to train to be a valuable pit crew and skilled drivers for the impending race.

The men make a bet that whoever raced the car in the shortest amount of time would get to be the grand marshal. After a few of the contestants were disqualified for their size (to fit in the racecar), the race was between Jase, Jep, and Uncle Si, who took turns going once around the track. Although Uncle Si was disappointed in the mechanics of the car (he called it a piece of junk), he brings home the victory, and is dubbed grand marshal.

The whole family joins together for the Duck Commander 500 Nascar Race, and daughter Sadie Robertson gives the invocation before the race.

“God please be with all the drivers, and thank you for everything you’ve given us and let this all be in your name.”

Instead of the usual show ending around the dinner table, the Robertson family ended the episode at the racetrack, as Willie reflected on competitive nature.

“It’s easy in life to let your competitive nature to get the best of you. Even the best of us get too caught up in the competition to have fun in the moment, or never get caught up in the moment at all, because your idiot brother poured five laps worth of gas on his pants. So there’s something to be said for a hard fought victory, don’t forget to enjoy the moments that make it up, especially the moments before you shred every ligament in your shoulder.”