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Debi Mazar Plays an Entirely New Kind of Character on TV Land's 'Younger'

"Younger" actress Debi Mazar says her character of Maggie is easygoing and nice. "A lot of my characters are not," says Mazar.


Debi Mazar has been a staple of our favorite movies and TV shows for decades, but on TV Land's new series "Younger," she plays a whole new kind of character.

"She's a lot of fun," Mazar says of Maggie, who convinces her friend Liza (played by Sutton Foster) to lie about her age in order to snag a promising job. "She's different from other characters I've played in the sense that she isn't, like, the power lady in the suit. She's super, super easy-going and nice."

From the sound of it, Mazar's role on "Younger" is also a welcome departure for the accomplished actress. "Maggie is full of life," Mazar adds. "She's an artist, she's gay, she's just a great listener … and a lot of my characters are not."

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