'Walking Dead' star Josh McDermitt on how long he has left on show

Josh McDermitt afraid of being killed off show


For the cast of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead,’ the impending zombie apocalypse is a reality. Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene Porter on the hit show, chatted with FOX411 about his fear of being killed off each episode and his unexpected side hobby.

FOX411: Hit us with survival knowledge. How does one fight zombies? Chainsaw, flame-thrower or intellect – because you’re a smarty pants on the show?
Josh McDermitt: Personally, I wouldn’t choose the intellect. I would choose probably the machete. The flame-thrower I feel you’re going to run out of fuel to get that going but with your intellect you can’t think a zombie dead. I would go for the machete just stab them in the brain – that’s all you’ve got to remember.

FOX411: The show is nearing towards the end of Season 5. How many more seasons does this show have left?
McDermitt: I’ve heard rumors they have it charted out to Season 12 already and who knows if that’s gone on even further than that. The show itself is based on a comic book created by Robert Kirkman but there are so many storylines that they haven’t even touched on in the show that are in the comics so I could see it going 12 seasons. I could see it going 16 seasons. Now, do the fans want to see it go that long? I don’t know the show keeps growing. I would hope that we get to stick around as long as they’ll have us.

FOX411: How many characters will survive the zombies?
McDermitt: They don’t stop, obviously, the zombies but the fellow human. They are their biggest threat within this world. I could kill you for your can of beans. I might not. I may want you to think I’m going to kill you, that’s their biggest threat. And this is a show where they like to kill of their main characters, so I never feel safe. You know, the guy Rick, who plays Andy Lincoln, he doesn’t feel safe and he’s the main character of the show. It’s just what this show does to the actors.

FOX411: While I was researching you, I saw your official website has your private cell phone on it. What’s up with that?
McDermitt: If you look at that website there, I have blonde hair. They dye my hair a black color for the show. I put that on my website. I used to do comedy and put that on my website a long time ago, and I forgot I had but then all of these fans were like, “Hey, I called that number.” I think it’s now a phone number for Caribbean Cruiseline.

FOX411: Is it true you’re a licensed hot air balloon pilot?
McDermitt: For real. My family bought a hot air balloon when I was growing up and my dad got a ride for his birthday and he was like, 'I love this!' I have a very eccentric, very eclectic family. We’re like a bunch of bohemians. We grew up in Arizona so there were a bunch of companies flying their balloons there.

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