Bella Thorne embarrassed by mom, padded bra

Disney star Bella Thorne's mom isn't one to hold back.

During an interview with Teen Vogue at the 17-year-old's suburban home, Thorne offered her New Year's resolution ("To drink more water"), her favorite breakfast (jalapeño-cheese bagel with capers, onions, cucumbers, and jalapeño cream cheese) and the virtues of her neighborhood (nearby Jamba Juice, CVS, and high-end grocery store).

Her mom's thoughts?

"You sound like a basic bitch!" 

Mom isn't the only embarrassing thing that's happened to the "Shake it Up" star as she transitions from kid to young adult roles.

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"I was working on a film, and they wanted me to look older. The wardrobe person was like, 'Put padding in your bra,'" she told the magazine. "I'm walking on set. The director picked something off the ground and — in front of everyone — he goes, 'I think this fell out.' I was mortified. It was literally a pad from my bra."

But those days are now apparently over.

"I've always been flat-chested. It is only this year, at 17, that I started to develop boobs," she said. "I mean, finally!"

The April issue of Teen Vogue is on newsstands March 24.