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Madonna's Rational Explanation For Only Dating Younger Men



If you've always wondered why Madonna seems to exclusively date younger men, your question has finally been answered.

"It’s just what happens," she says of her tendency toward boy toys in a new interview with the New York Daily News. "Most men my age are married with children. They’re not dateable. I’m a very adventurous person and I also have a crazy life. I’m a single mother. I have four children. I mean, you have to be pretty open-minded and adventurous to want to step into my world. People who are older, and more set in their ways, are probably not as adventurous as someone younger."

She adds that she's offended when people say she's acting inappropriately for her age — like when she showed off her butt at the Grammys. "B****, this is what my a** looks like — show me what your a** looks like when you’re 56," she says. "I take care of myself. I’m in good shape. I can show my a** when I’m 56, or 66 — or 76. Who’s to say when I can show my a**? It’s sexism. It’s ageism. And it’s a kind of discrimination.” She believes she's "opening doors for women," which makes it that much harder when women "judge" her, she adds. "It's bulls*** ... I feel I should be hearing support — like, 'Good for you.'"

(In related news, the Material Girl recently got topless for an interview.)