Fox News should air ‘The Interview,’ says Jimmy Kimmel

Fox News Channel rising star Megyn Kelly was ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's guest last night when the big news was about the Justice Department’s upcoming announcement the Sony hack, and movie-theater threat, were the work of the North Korean government in retaliation for the studio’s movie The Interview.

Kelly and Kimmel agreed Sony needed to get the movie — a comedy about a bumbling talk show host and his producer recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — to viewers so the studio, and Americans, could take a stand against North Korea.

Kimmel speculated Sony would simply let pirates put it out, so as not to put theater-goers, or content distributors at risk.

As Kelly talked boldly about the country’s need to take a stand, Kimmel jumped in. “Do you think Fox News will take a stand and air The Interview in its entirety on its channel? Yes!?" he roared as his studio audience erupted in support of the idea.

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"Further updates to follow," Kelly said.

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