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Rachael Ray Shares Tips On Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Happy

Rachael Ray's new line of pet food is helping rescue dogs and cats across the country.


Rachael Ray is best known for whipping up mouthwatering human meals, but she's equally skilled at feeding your pets, too. Her premium line of dog food, Nutrish, is not only full of wholesome ingredients, but it's raising money for a fantastic cause. 

"We started our cat and dog rescue initiave with this line of premium dog food," Ray explained to Fox News Magazine during a recent event in New York City. "100 percent of my proceeds — since day one, to date, and in the future — go to animal rescue."

To date, Ray said sales of Nutrish have raised more than $6.5 million dollars, and that figure is only going to grow now that she's expanded her Nutrish lines to include cat food as well.

In fact, in conjunction with her new lines of feline cuisine, Ray and her team will be traveling to 16 animal shelters across the country to help her furry friends find homes.

"We're going from city to city, trying to help the communities improve their rate of adoption for animals by literally giving them free grooming and great photography, and hopefully getting them out there into the homes they deserve," she said.

To learn more about Rachael Ray's charity and her tips for keeping your pets healthy, be sure to watch the video above.