Oh La La! Did Shakira Plagiarize French Director For Her World Cup Music Video?



Shakira’s new World Cup music video has been getting a lot of attention recently, especially for featuring some of the world’s best soccer players like Messi, Neymar, her boyfriend Pique and her adorable son, Mateo.

Among the thousands who’ve watched the Colombian’s “La La La (Brazil 2014)” music video, was French music video director and singer-songwriter Woodkid, who posted a link of her video on his Facebook page, alluding to the fact that it is very similar to the video for his song “Iron.”

Fans on his page were quick to agree with the singer, going to his defense.

“Fortunately, the song is not comparable,” one user said.

It didn’t seem Woodkid, whose real name is Yoann Lemonine, had much of a problem that Shakira’s music video reminded him of his video, but did have some reservations.

“I would just smile and somehow feel flattered if this really was a Shakira video and not a commercial for a massive group like Danone,” he wrote on his Facebook page with a still-image sequence comparing scenes from both videos.

Woodkid's allusion of a commercial for the multinational yogurt company is because Shakira’s music video was made in collaboration with Activia, part of the Dannon brand that was started in France in 1987. Two seconds into the video, a message says “Shakira & Activia Together.”

Woodkid released his video in 2011 and has more than 27,000,000 views, while Shakira’s is nearing 32,000,000 views. “La La La (Brazil 2014)” has been praised recently it feeling more like a World Cup song that the official anthem by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

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