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'American Idol' Finale: Kellie Pickler Reveals Her Favorite Judge

With Season 13 coming to a close, former "American Idol" contestant Kellie Pickler tells us why she still loves watching the show.


With each season of 'American Idol', judges come and judges go. 

And this season, Jennifer Lopez surprised us by coming back for more — alongside co-judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. 

In The Foxlight's Michael Tammero recently caught up with Season Five 'Idol' contestant Kellie Pickler, who went on to win "Dancing With The Stars."

"I love Harry Connick, Jr.! My husband and I are big fans of his. We feel he has really great constructive criticism."

Watch the video above to see what the self-professed "antique Idol" had to say about the show.