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Kate Middleton Hires ‘Supernanny’ for Prince George



You don’t want to mess with the new woman in Prince George’s life.

According to ABC News, palace officials confirmed Thursday that Spanish-born Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo has been hired as the nanny to the son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Borrallo, who is working for the English royal family full-time, will join the trio on their upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand in April, which is being declared as the first formal overseas trip for the family since George’s July 22 birth in 2013.

“We will not be giving further details on Maria or her employment, except to say that The Duke and Duchess are of course delighted she has chosen to join them,” said officials in a statement.

And as expected, Borrallo isn’t your typical Mary Poppins.

According to the Daily Mail, Borrallo trained at the prestigious Norland College, the go-to school for nannies of the rich and famous since 1892. Part of their curriculum includes martial arts training and stunt driving to cater its prestigious clientele.

“Tae Kwon-Do is believed to be the marital art of choice — which has been specifically adapted to include how to dodge a potential kidnapped with a pram,” says the UK-based news site.

“Nannies are also trained in how to deal with paparazzi and are taken to Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire to perfect their driving skills and learn how to drive at high speed in any weather condition,” the site adds, describing her technique of “007 stunt driving” as a  means to expertly dodge persistent photographers.

Borrallo, who is being coined the “Spanish Supernanny” by the media, is also being described by The Telegraph as a young woman in her 30s, specifically selected by the royal couple from a shortlist of candidates put forward by Norland College — all of whom were interviewed by William and Kate personally before a final choice was made. The news site also reveals she is “thought to be the first foreign nanny to look after a future British monarch” and comes from a “family of wealthy high-fliers in Spain.”

Sounds like Borrallo will fit right in just fine.

And in case you must know, Borrallo is completely devoted to George.

“She is not married and doesn’t have a boyfriend as her life is totally dedicated to the family she is working with,” tells a friend of Borrallo to Hello! Magazine, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“She is known for being totally professional–married to the job.”

In addition to the new nanny, William and Kate are set on being “hands-on parents” with the occasional help of the Duchess’ mother and George’s grandmother, Carole Middleton.