Does Oscar have a Pizza-gate scandal on its hands?

The pizza delivery guy who passed out slices with Ellen DeGeneres during film's biggest night of the year may not have collected the generous tip celebs pitched in during the show. 

TMZ reported that the deliveryman was cheered by his coworkers upon his return to work. The site caught up with the delivery guy, who they reported is named Edgar, and he seemed surprised to hear that DeGeneres collected cash for his tip. 

He dodged questions about whether or not he took home the extra money the stars contributed for the pies. 

In her second time hosting, DeGeneres sought to make celebrities more like plain folk. She passed out the pizza to the front rows at the Dolby Theatre, then passed around Pharrell Williams' hat to pay for it.

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She confessed she needed cash to cover the bill quipping: "Where's Harvey Weinstein?"

The talk show host told the stars that she was in need of cash for Edgar's tip, which added up to an estimated $300.

According to the Associated Press, he is a real pizza delivery guy, not an actor. 

DeGeneres met him in a backstage hallway to check out the goods.

"Is it hot?" she asked him. He assured her it was.

"What kind we got here?" she asked. Cheese and veggie with no cheese, he told her.

"OK. Let's go!" She said, leading the delivery guy onto the Oscar stage.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.