Reality star Shayne Lamas, of "The Bachelor" and "Couples Therapy," is reportedly having some major health issues and has suffered a miscarriage, according to TMZ.

Lamas, 28, was 16-weeks pregnant when she was rushed to the hospital on Sunday due to internal bleeding, the site reports. She lost the child during surgery, law enforcement sources told TMZ. 

On Monday, her famous father Lorenzo Lamas issued a statement about his daughter's condition to UsWeekly.

"We are so grateful that my daughter, Shayne Lamas-Richie, is conscious and stable. She is not in a coma, however she did miscarry the child she was carrying," the statement read. "We are so very grateful to the hospital personnel and the doctors who saved her life last night. Shayne is aware of her condition and that her family and her husband are here with her and love her so much. She will be remaining in the hospital until her doctors determine that she can be released."

Earlier on Monday, TMZ reported that Shayne was in a coma and not able to breathe on her own. 

Late Monday, Lamas' husband, Nik Richie, tweeted an update to his followers.

"Honestly havent processed whats going on," he wrote. "Trying to be a strong father and husband. I love Shayne and shes doing better. Thanks for support."

Richie runs the site, and he also wrote a message on his website explaining that he would be taking some time off. 

"I’m going to take some personal days off from the blogging world. Unfortunate things happen to good people. I’m not the best person in the world, but I love my wife and my family. Shayne is my good person. She is my support and my smile. I found you and I never want to let you go. We will overcome."

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Lamas has a 2-year-old daughter with Richie. 

A rep for Lamas did not return FOX411's request for comment.