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Ireland Baldwin's Instagram and Joan Collins' Sex Life



Here's what all the fuss is about:

Ireland Baldwin cuts right to the chase with her latest Instagram photo, which is just a snapshot of her own butt at the gym. 

80-year-old actress Joan Collins says the secret to her marriage is "sex, sex, sex." You're welcome for the image of Joan Collins having sex, btw.

An eager fan rushed the stage at a Taylor Swift concert in London and managed to hand her a note (hopefully containing his phone number) before two of her bodyguards chased him to the stage and dragged him off. Check out the video below:

Despite reports to the contrary, P. Diddy (who some of us might remember as Puff Daddy or just plain Diddy) is not engaged to longtime gal-pal (and singer) Cassie Ventura. 

Former WWF wrestler/George Clooney love interest Stacy Keibler is now a brunette.

Police say they found about 70 baggies of heroin in the office where Philip Seymour Hoffman overdosed this past Sunday.

Didn't get enough of Beyonce's butt at the Grammys? Then check out these behind-the-scenes pictures she just uploaded to her Tumblr account.

If J.K. Rowling could go back and change one thing about her "Harry Potter" series, she says she would have had Hermoine marry Harry instead of Ron. Because Ron sucks.

Bruno Mars' half-time show attracted a whopping 115.3 million viewers, breaking the record previously held by Madonna (114 million).

According to Page Six, Justin Bieber was looking for a pool in NYC on Saturday night in order to conduct a baptism-like ritual with a local church group.

After seeing Joe Namath's glorious fur coat at the Super Bowl, admirers have been flooding Marc Kaufman Furs with orders for the oversized coyote and fox jacket.

John Stamos Instagrammed a picture of himself in a bald cap, just to remind us all of how good John Stamos looks with a bald cap.

Kate Middleton is now an author, having written the forward to a book about being a Royal Air Force wife. 

A cosmetics expert in Santa Monica says that clients most often want to be sculpted with Jennifer Aniston or Hugh Jackman's features. As for bodies, they point to Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce, and Channing Tatum.

Trace Adkins' father passed away less than a week after the country singer left rehab to be by his side.

And finally, after presumably realizing there are only so many combinations of turkey, lettuce and sweet onion teriyaki sauce, Subway has developed a new sandwich featuring enchilada sauce and Fritos. Eat fresh!