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Sofia Vergara to Jimmy Kimmel: Mine is 'Bigger Than Yours'



Tensions were running high on Wednesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" when "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vergara mistook what Kimmel meant by one of his comments and slapped him square in the face.

It's not nearly as bad as it sounds, though.

During a funny bit that had the two of them reading nasty internet comments about one another, Vergara only pretended to lose her cool — but boy, was she convincing. 

Kimmel started the segment by explaining just how harsh the internet can be, especially in the comments sections of celebrity websites. "No sane person would ever say the kind of things that they write online to someone, face to face," said Kimmel. "If they did, they'd get killed."

To prove his point, Kimmel gathered a bunch of real-life barbs he gathered from comments sections across the web, and then brought out Vergara to help him recite those remarks to his audience.

Vergara started with one that read, "I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has squinty eyes and an agape mouth that never really closes."

When Kimmel's turn came, he relayed a comment that said, "If only Sofia Vergara was a mute. Her voice rings in my ears."

As the segment progressed and the internet remarks became increasingly negative, it was clear that Vergara was losing her cool. Finally, after a commenter asked whether anyone had ever checked Vergara for a penis, she snapped and hit Kimmel across the face.

Barely controlling her (put-on) anger, Vergara walked off while shouting, "For sure [it's] bigger than yours!"

Check out the entire segment in the hilarious clip below: