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Prince Harry's Annoying Ex and Taylor Swift's New Hairdo



Here's why the world is interesting:

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy was apparently a serial texter, constantly blowing up the prince's cell with dozens of texts and calls while he was away at military academy.

Taylor Swift has a slightly new haircut? We think? We don't know. It's still blonde and longish.

The nominees for this year's Golden Globes have been announced. It seems that films about hustlin', gravity, and slavery were all the rage in 2013.

Kanye West had a fan thrown out of his San Antonio concert because she has the audacity to request he take off his mask during the performance. Somebody taped it.

Oprah told The Hollywood Reporter that she never had children because they would've fallen by the wayside while she pursued her dreams. ""If I had kids, my kids would hate me," she said.

Justin Bieber reportedly told a plus-size fan of his that she looked like a "beached whale" and should go on "The Biggest Loser."

YouTube released its list of the top-trending videos of 2013 (whatever that means), and Ylvis' video for "The Fox" landed at the top.

Remember that Drew Barrymore is pregnant? Well, she revealed she's having a girl at the 2013 Beauty Inc Awards on Wednesday night.

Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline is expecting his sixth child. One more, and he and his new wife Victoria Prince can start their own family softball team.

Speaking of Spears, her new album is just barely outselling "Duck the Halls," the Christmas album by the "Duck Dynasty" clan.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look just as ridiculous as the rest of us while watching a movie in 3D glasses, as they did for a new film about natural history.

An angry citizen erected a Festivus pole from "Seinfeld" at the Florida State Capital in response to the Nativity scene that's also on display in the building. "The government shouldn't be in this business of allowing the mixture of church and state," he told NPR.

A new study revealed that attractive students get better grades and are more likely to go to college. The results were determined by a group of researchers at the University of Illinois who are undoubtedly smoking hot.

And finally, a cafe in France is charging its patrons more if they neglect to say hello or thank you. Also combatting rudeness: This restaurant outside of Jerusalem will give you a 50 percent discount if you turn off your cell phone while dining.