One Direction fans attack Lorde's boyfriend with racist tweets

Courtesy Of instagram

 (Courtesy Of instagram)

Pop singer Lorde‘s 24-year-old boyfriend, James Lowe, is being called “ugly” and “Jackie Chan” on Twitter, among other racist insults. There’s no record of Lorde dissing One Direction on the internet — but the nasty messages keep coming, even though she tweeted about attending a 1D concert in October!

Lorde, 17, loves to post cute pictures with James to her Instagram account, including a cute beach photo and the couple brushing their teeth.

Now, the “Royals” singer is getting mocked for them, with 1D fans re-posting the pics and calling James ugly since an online rumor is swirling that she insulted the British heartthrobs’ looks.

Some One Direction fans tweeted:

lorde’s boyfriend looks like the chinese exchange student from sixteen candles

— victoria (@THUGClTY) December 6, 2013

lorde said 1D is ugly But look at her boyfriend Eewww Agr I hate her pic.twitter.com/FOaFX5IAEr

— 1D♥ (@1DBeMine4eva) December 11, 2013

“lorde called the boys ugly” im not quite sure that ur eyes work pic.twitter.com/5TciIQdqN2

— no (@nouislate) December 8, 2013

lorde said the boys from one direction are ugly but her boyfriend is jackie chan pic.twitter.com/Gc4zd6Jtbw

— andrea. (@bieberboogie) October 20, 2013

Rapper Tyler, The Creator, 22, posted a photo on Dec. 5 of Lorde and James’ sweet beach photo — along with a not-so-nice caption that says,”Hhahahahahah.”

Lorde, 17, then asked the rapper on Twitter, ”Was this supposed to make me feel something?” Tyler then replied by tweeting, “”NOT AT ALL. IT MADE ME LAUGH.” Both tweets have since been deleted.