The lawsuit involving Spanish-language radio host Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo has taken a graphic turn after a report by TMZ highlighted some of the allegations made by Sotelo's former employees.

According to the report, TMZ received a copy of a letter six former employees of the radio host sent to Sotelo's attorney, in which they explicitly describe alleged actions forced on them by the radio star.

“(Sotelo) forced his employees to watch him defecate, pee in bottles, and subjected them to endless sexual abuses,” TMZ reported.

The gossip website said the former employees claim in the letter that Sotelo “routinely exposed himself and called male employees” with an anti-gay slur and “grabbed employees’ genitals and insisted they ‘liked’ it.”

The least lurid allegation made was that Sotelo “bit people.”

These claims coincide with those previously made my former employees of Univision broadcast network, which cancelled Sotelo’s morning radio show earlier this year.

Alberto “Beto” Cortez, a writer, producer and performer on Sotelo’s radio program, alleged that the host was “physically, sexually harassing” him for a three-year period ending in January.

In addition to the harassment charge, Cortez alleged that Sotelo had staff falsify letters in support of his immigration reform campaign.

Since the allegations were made public in July, Sotelo moved on to a show on Sirius XM satellite radio and has filed a lawsuit against the six former employees, accusing them of a plot to extort nearly $5 million from him with threats that they would falsely accuse him of sexual harassment and workplace humiliation.

Sotelo's attorney, Jeffrey Spitz, called the alleged extortion scheme “one of the most brazen, shameless and despicable examples of a shakedown that (he had) ever seen.”

Neither Sotelo nor his representatives have yet commented on the alleged new details revealed Monday by TMZ.

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