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Marilyn Monroe's Cosmetic Surgery and Marilyn Manson is Without Makeup



Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

A bunch of Marilyn Monroe's medical documents and x-rays are going up for auction, and they seem to confirm that she's had a cartilage implant in her chin.

Speaking of Marilyns, Marilyn Manson went sans-makeup for a cameo on HBO's "Eastbound & Down." Wanna see what he looks like?

It appears as if Kris and Bruce Jenner have split, but of course they're still going to do their show.

Breaking a record previously held by Alan Jackson and Vince Gill, Taylor Swift was just named the songwriter/artist of the year — for the sixth year in a row — by the Nashville Songwriters Association.

Simon Cowell celebrated his 54th birthday on Monday night, and his ex-girlfriend was in attendance. She was also photographed sitting on his lap.

Some punk teenagers defaced John Lennon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it's all clean now.

Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman were named Best Global Actor and Actress at China's Huading Awards.

Kanye West is going to appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight to discuss his feud with the late-night host.

And finally, there's a music video for Hot Pockets set to the tune of Biz Markie's "You Got What I Need" starring Kate Upton and Larry King with verses by Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow. (All true.)