Guess ‘el duo de la historia’ is carrying on. 

Popular reggaeton duo, Wisin y Yandel, are still together despite multiple rumors that the group had split to work on their separate projects, Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Dia has confirmed.  

As Fox News Latino reported on Saturday, everything began when Yandel visited fellow reggaeton star Don Omar’s concert in Puerto Rico on Friday. While on stage, Don Omar took some time to congratulate Yandel on what he called his “new phase as a solo artist” sparking rumors throughout the web that the group’s time together had come to an end. 

But according to El Nuevo Dia, the publication got in touch with the singers’ publicist Jennifer Nieman, who said she could not understand why Don Omar said this during his concert.

“He did not say at anytime that Wisin y Yandel are breaking up,” Nieman told the publication in Spanish. “Yandel came to support Don Omar and I cannot give a comment about something that I do not know of,” she added. 

“The only thing I could answer is what I know and is you are asking me that as a duo they have broken up the answer is no,” Nieman continued. “They are solid as a group and each of them also has their individual projects going on as well and they mutually support each other.”

Nieman added that “when artists are on stage they say a ton of things” but that she did not think Don Omar thought any of this would come out of the comment he said.

“For months now in Puerto Rico, TV gossip shows have been insinuating that Wisin y Yandel are splitting and when Don Omar goes and says it it probably was not with ill intentions,” Nieman continued. 

Wisin y Yandel’s publicisit also added that the two have concerts scheduled through the end of the year as well as a publicity tour coming up throughout Latin America and the United States.

“That I know of Don Omar is not Yandel’s publicist or manager,” Nieman said. 

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